Saturday, 28 February 2015

Lenovo A6000 Full Review with Pros and Cons


•    Specification best in its segment

•    Screen: You will love it, Color reproduction excellent, Brightness superb, Touch very responsive, Viewing angle great, Form factor beautiful, Side bezels minimum (very nice)

•    Apps can be installed directly on External SD Card so Internal Memory 8GB no problem at all.

•    Supports 32GB Class10 External SD Card. (I have installed and tested working excellent)

•    Don't worry about free RAM by checking frequently checking it. What one wish is that the device should work smooth and multitasking must be lag free. Lenovo A6000 works great. Most of the high end Games are playable. I have tried Asphalt 8, Real racing 3, both these games installed in External SD Card. Asphalt 8 worked smooth with Medium Graphics setting.

•    Camera is excellent both Rear and front. There is lot of settings that you can do to get the wow results as per your liking. Flash has very good range. I have tested the camera extensively and produced excellent results in all lighting conditions (day light, indoor, outdoor, artificial light etc.

•    Speaker Output. As it has dual stereo speaker with Dolby Digital technology, produces clear, loud and superb music that one can enjoy. Head Phones (Skull Candy) tested with this device, produces excellent bass, treble over all great experience with music.

•    Call quality is very good, no drop calls etc, Signal reception excellent.

•    3G works great. 4G yet to test. Wi-Fi works flawlessly

•    GPS is there (note someone has written there is no GPS, but only AGPS) with AGPS, Proper settings are there to use GPS alone, GPS + AGPS etc. I got the GPS lock within 6 seconds in the very first attempt. Google Maps and Navigation works without any issue.

•    Build quality is very good (not excellent), Very light in hands (128 grams), Good to hold, Accommodated 5 inch screen very compactly to reduce the overall size. Very good design. Button (Power, Volume Buttons are good tactile but plastic, are the part of back cover (very nice).

•    Battery Backup is very good. Much longer than Redmi1S (I am using two Redmi1S). Easily lasts one full day with heavy usage, with moderate usage easily lasts more than 24 hours. Battery is user replaceable too. (2300 mAh).

•    Performance is great, No heating issue at all, the device remains cool, even during heavy gaming, music + browsing etc. I have tested it all. All the sensors equipped with works fine. No crashing of Apps so far.


•    There is no screen protection built-in such as Corning Gorilla Glass, Asahi Dragon trail Glass etc. So need to handle carefully. One can install tempered glass for screen protection.
•    Notification LED is not there.
•    Android navigation keys (Back, Home and Multitasking) and not back lit.
•    Head phone included is a cheap one. (better had not included)
•    Battery charger included is merely on 1Ampere output therefore battery takes almost 3-4 hours to charge from 10 to 100%

Note these are not actually cons, but would have been great if it were provided.